What are the novel coronavirus symptoms in humans?

What are the novel coronavirus symptoms in humans? Deadly coronavirus deaths in China are on the rise. As of Monday, the death toll in the virus has risen to five in the country. The total number of people affected by the attack was 6,23. The first death of the illness has been confirmed in the Philippines outside China.

novel coronavirus symptoms
novel coronavirus symptoms

However, in medical science, the mystery of the novel coronavirus remains. How does it attack the human body? What are the full symptoms of this disease? Who is more at risk of serious illness or death? How will the treatment be treated?

Doctors at the Jinintan Hospital in China have begun to talk about these issues, which are still unfamiliar to doctors around the world. Those who have been in the front line to deal with the deadly outbreak of the worldwide panic. The second, a 6-year-old man, also had severe breathing problems. Although he was given artificial lungs or extracorporeal membrane oxygenation (ECMO or AKMO), that was not enough. She died of acute pneumonia and low blood pressure in septic shock.

At least 5 percent of deaths

As of January 26, 1 of those three patients is still in the hospital. Four have left the hospital after being healed. And five died. That does not mean that the mortality rate in this disease is 5 percent. Many people are still in the hospital, some of them may die, and many of them may not go to the hospital because the symptoms are mild.

According to a BBC report, the Lancet Medical Journal has published detailed information about the first five patients receiving medical treatment at the hospital.

Invasion of the lungs

All seven patients admitted to the hospital had pneumonia – inflammation in their lungs and alveoli in the lungs, the tiny cells in which blood was mixed with oxygen.

Novel coronavirus symptoms in humans? How to understand if you have coronavirus
Other symptoms?

novel coronavirus symptoms in humans
novel coronavirus symptoms in humans

Twelve people have a fever, three coughs, three breathing problems; three people have pain in the body, 3 have jaundice or memory delusions, 3 have a headache, 3 have throat pain.

The first death

The first two people who died in the coronavirus were healthy to see. However, their lungs may have already been damaged due to prolonged smoking.

The first 3-year-old came to the hospital with severe pneumonia. He was suffering from severe shortness of breath, meaning his lungs could not supply the oxygen needed to keep his body alive. Even after being put on the ventilator, his lungs became crippled, and the heart function stopped. He died seven days after being admitted to the hospital. Market workers

A coronavirus named 20-NCOV was found in a city food market in Wuhan. In that market, there were bikinis of various wildlife, including chickens, bats, rabbits, snakes, marine animals. The market was closed on January 5th.

Of the first three affected, five were directly involved in this market. There were five people who worked there, either the shop manager or the staff. There were two buyers who had just visited the fair.

Middle-aged are most at risk.

The majority of those patients are middle-aged, with an average age of 5 and 1 male. Recent data has also shown that the incidence of this disease is higher among men than women. China’s Centers for Disease Control and Prevention says that 1 in 2 men was infected with coronavirus, as opposed to a woman.

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There are two possibilities behind this gap – men are more likely to become critically ill and hospitalized for coronavirus infection. And in the first stage of the outbreak, there is a higher chance of transmission of the virus to the body of the male for social and cultural reasons.

Xi chromosomes and sex hormones may play a role in reducing the risk of coronavirus infection in women, says Li Zhang, a doctor at the Jinintan Hospital in Wuhan. They play an essential role in preventing disease.

Sickness beforehand

Most of these three people were already sick. The virus is believed to be easily infected with their immune system. Five of them had previously suffered from heart disease, stroke, and heart attack. And 12 people had diabetes. That is the latest information about novel coronavirus symptoms in humans?

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